Farmer Support Initiative

The Objective of DFI is to  work  proactively with the small scale farmers from the State of  Andhra Pradesh India . We are also looking to pursue this initiative in other States of India.  We are in the process of setting up a Community Model Farm which will help farmers learn the techniques of Sustainable Farming . This initiative will be taken with an objective to not only learn but replicate the same in the farmlands across the Region. The training  is designed as an hands on approach to learning where in we mentor the concept with each farmer . The  objective is to derive the best possible output from the existing farmland that will generate the highest quality product for International  Markets . We are also creating a Model of Educating & working  with  Channel Partners who will work with the farmers under the  same philosophy to derive better results in other Regions of the State.

Millets being naturally pest resistant and drought resistant, the impact on the earth and water is very minimal for cultivation. Unless a systematic approach to farming is followed this would not be achieved. We work towards sustenance  of water & NO Chemicals through our nitiative of Zero Budget Farming.  DFI looks at enhancing the livelihood of the farmers by providing Education & Medical Facilities.  We are there to Help them, Support them & enhance their Living Standards. 

We are working with our team to achieve this initiative  with 1800  farmers and their families by 2018. To work & support us in this  endeavor write to us on


Quality is the KEY to our Success.  We achieve this by working very closely with the farmers. Maintaining intensive partnership with our farmers, logistic partners enables us to offer our buyers guarantees and above all certainty of the best products through the Year. Every Millet is hand picked from the farm. Since there is no Chemical Used in the cultivation the farmers are to be trained. We make sure that the farmers are trained to produce the highest quality of Millets. Our Team of Specialists in the field of Zero Chemical Farming interact & work with the farmers as an hand holding process to achieve the desired results.

Our Source To Freshness is a promise that we give to our customers; it symbolizes and reflects the  commitment of DFI


Ever since DFI was established we have been looking for ways to strengthen our relationships with our growers and our customers. The search for new opportunities and markets is in our genes. And since we are today known as a brand that assures Quality we make sure we keep up to our promise. The objective is to give higher employment to rural ladies. We make sure that every employee forms a part of the integral unit of the Company. We select ladies from rural villages and train them to achieve the highest quality in International Packaging. 


Medical Benefits

DFI supports the farmers and their families through its Health Care Initiative. We have a team dedicated to providing the health care benefits to our society of farmers. We educate them to live a healthy life & support them in being together in their medical needs.